Monday, May 25, 2009

The Taming o' the Lambs

We don't do it with cookies. . . we've just never caught on to that method. . . nor do we use grain. . .
we just sit on the grass and let them climb all over us.
Once you get a hand under their chins or chests and start to scratch, they fall into a trance. . . the petting trance, we call it. . .

This was Saturday night. Emily loves to let the lambs frolic on her. I had the orphans on leads (fashioned from shoestrings when they were a week old) and was just giving up that lesson.
Dear Husband (DH), who now has the sickness I passed on to him, was commissioned to bring a camera outside with him, and he obliged.

So here, in addition to a couple of lambs, we have the yearling, LittleRedOak Catnip, who was in need of some mothering herself after this past, exhausting month of BEING a mother to twins. She hung her head on Emily's shoulder for petting.

The sweetest thing. Both of them. All of them.
>Sigh< I guess I do like living in the country.


Nancy K. said...

Me too.

I don't use cookies until I start halter training. I find it makes the lambs move forward much more readily. Like you, I prefer the socializing and snuggling be done out of affection ~ not hunger.


Unknown said...

I so agree with just sitting and letting them climb all over you! This group of lambs this year are the friendliest I have ever had but they are also the worst hair pullers:)

Sharrie said...

Your stand in photo guy did a great job. What is better than sheep lovies?

Candy said...

The photo of Emily and the lambs is priceless. Even sick, DH did a wonderful job with the photos. Glad you're feeling better.

Karen said...

Nice pictures, Gail. I like your taming method...hope hubby gets well soon.

Unknown said...

Oh and here I thought I'd discovered the secret to taming the lambs (chest scratching)! I do however, find that it works much better on the boys than girls :). I swear, my favorite ram lamb, Zeus, drools when I scratch his chest lol! The only downside is now they are biting me when I scratch, I know that its now time to stop that, especially with the boys!

Love your blog!