Monday, January 24, 2011

January 2011

 I think I told you that I traded registered ram lambs with Brian Stichter, a new WI Finnsheep breeder last fall.  One might think he got the better bargain;  he got a 6-month old brown lamb with white markings;  I got a three-month-old black spotted ram lamb who won't be ready to breed for a few more months.  This kindof messes up my breeding/lambing dates, as this little guy isn't mature enough to breed with my one, retained, finn ewe lamb. I don't care.  I am THRILLED to have new bloodlines, out of Washington State, actually-- Brian's sheep came from TripleL Finns in WA.  Anyway, the rammie is darned cute, and reminds us of what we have to look forward to in April.  Here, the older ewes check out the baby through the gate.  He's bunking with them all, now.   They butt him away from feed or whenever they feel like it.  Someday he'll be WAY bigger than them, and they'll be more respectful.
This boy needs a name.

Oreo? No-- A Finn name-- we'll go looking at the Finn name website.  Of course there's one.

I've been spinning and knitting with great art-women, a lot--and on Saturday, sat on a Scott County Extension program's Sheep producers' panel-- to give a wool producers' perspective to a bunch of shepherds.  Half in the small audience didn't have flocks yet, so they had questions. 
The lamb meat breeders had some good tips, too-- we all took home new information. 

My house is being insulated, repaired, new doors installed-- it's looking prettier, but the weather's making the job progress slowly.  I am pretty happy about everything.

Also, for once, I got a shearing date well in advance, so I can announce it and you can plan to come out to help, if you'd like.  April 2nd, a Saturday, Mike Anderson will shear again. Everyone will help skirt and bag fleeces, catch the sheep for shearing, and have a little potluck lunch before heading home in the afternoon.  Mark your calendar!