Monday, December 22, 2008

December, Christmas is coming, Hanukkah's here

I'll find a photo or two to insert later-- I'm at the library!
My camera isn't doing justice to the winter wonderland outside, and it's so danged cold this month I haven't been strolling around taking pictures.
Lycra "longjohns", snowpants, barn boots, two pairs of socks, balaclava, lined leather gloves, heavy "barn" coat, and I head out the door each day to feed and water the sheep and birds.
When I come in after 45 minutes, I rarely want to go out again.
If you live in the US you have heard how cold and snowy it is, enough said.

On my last post, I posted a goodbye picture from July the ram. . . who is still here, keeping big boy Mullein company. The Willis' from WI prefered a gray spottie I had named Mike, they renamed Wrigley (his mother is Minwawe Chicklet).
I used NASSA's new online system to register the ram--that was so slick! So now Wrigley lives in WI. We did the interstate paperwork correctly, too-- another thing to learn. Vet check, etc. . .

This is the first of 8 days of Hanukkah, and my family celebrates that tradition as well as Christmas, which will be here soon, as well.

I am writing the annual Holiday letter and mailing cards at the last moment... but it's fun to create the letter.
I took pictures of Howard plowing snow with the big red tractor yesterday-- I'll see if I can get one of those photos in here.

Everyone enjoy this last two weeks of 2008; especially the time you spend with families and friends.