Friday, April 29, 2011

Monday, April 25, 2011

Lambs arriving daily

First lambs on Good Friday, triplets to finnsheep Kora (the cow, we say-- you'll see why:)

Two girls and a boy, nice odds!
Next came twins to two Shetland ewes, photos follow soon... and on Easter, just in time for company to witness and help, brown quads to a finn ewe named Lassi.  Tiny, long-legged babies, all doing fine.

I have to go pick up 50 chicks now and get them settled in, will post more pictures soon!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Spring 2011

I've not been blog posting, I've been Facebooking.  It's a fact -- but soon lambs will be coming, and I have started looking at sheep blogs again.

I lost my old Dad this month-- he was wintering in Texas, as usual, this year, but the cold he left MN with turned into pneumonia, and with the many old-guy chronic health issues he had, he wasn't able to pull through.  I was able to fly to Texas twice to spend time with him in his last few weeks, then hours-- and came back home with my mom, and Dad's ashes, a week ago.

We returned to MN on Thursday night, March 31st, and held the annual Shearing Day event on Saturday, April 2nd.  I am grateful it went so very well.  I am blessed to have friends from my local spinning group who spent the day skirting fleeces-- which they wanted half of after having their hands in it! 
A special gift this year were visitors I'd never met--- some new "city" neighbors who moved in nearby, Rolf and Julie; a midwife named Renee; a young Dr. Leung; all of whom wanted to learn more about sheep-- as well as handspinner Renee's son, who is a vet-tech in training.  Guess who gave most of the vaccine shots and trimmed most hooves?  Such great help, so welcome.

About 10 fleeces left here that day  and I want at least a half dozen for the fair, or the fiber mill-- so about
another 6 are available for sale.  I have 3-4 in fawn/oatmeal color-- very nice-- and the same in black or charcoal gray.  Some are Finn fleece, some are Shetland.

I'll post pictures soon.  Soon it will be lamb pictures posted here-- we love this time of year.