Friday, September 13, 2013

Summer 2013 gone by

Oh boy, the summer went by without a peep from me, here.  In May my only baby turned eighteen,

graduated from high school,

and then she and I took off for Colorado to deliver a few sheep to New Mexico finnsheep breeders.  I confess, we took no photos of sheep en route or at delivery-- it was hot, and in the day it took to get there we were simply nervous about it all.

After delivery, we enjoyed the mountains.

Looking west, from Golden Gate State Park west of  Denver
Hiking in the foothills, we found sad evidence of a Flicker's demise
And then, her babies.  We hoped the dad helps
with feeding, too.

Later in summer, as we sold sheep away to different farms, Emily again insisted we put in a big vegetable garden, which I enjoy as well.  To her credit, she is a primo weeder and this year, learned to clean, cut and blanch beans for the freezer, as well.   I think it's because she knew I would not have put in a garden at all...

I'm simplifying, cutting down on all animal chores to get ready to move.  All of my sheep are gone except for a few rams.  We gave the chickens away in August. 

You heard right-- we will sell the little farm on the edge of the prairie next spring, I think--  the best crop I raised here was my daughter, who's grown and gone off to Yale.  Visiting her there will be another adventure-- and at home, I don't want to tend animals, alone, so far from my old friends.

So... we're looking at homes nearer to Minneapolis, giving away 10 years of stuff that's accumulated here...
and now I'm harvesting vegetables while I reminisce on all we have done here.  

If anyone wants a 20 acre farm 40 miles SW of Minneapolis, with fenced pastures, outbuildings, and a pretty nice old farmhouse, give a shout!  We'll tell you all you need to know to keep 'er going.