Wednesday, October 22, 2008

October's Chill

Here are some ewes in the field on Saturday, when it was warm and the fall colors glorious.

The chill is from sending little rams off to butcher, sigh. But so much less pressure on the pastures and hay barn, it's a great relief.
I had butcher dates for the 10 ram lambs I did not need, and got their lovely fleece sheared off on Saturday. I decided to spare one with scurs, several other really good looking boys. . . Then, a local guy called me and came to take all the lambs, himself, off to his restaurant buyers. Less work for me! And the price was just what I'd have made through processing and selling the meat myself.
But I remember the little rams sadly.
I'll recover. Here is pretty little Mari the finnsheep, our sweetest, follow-you-everywhere lamb who was a bottle fed quad, at one time.

And this is the, ahem, social activity at the fence line lately.

Every sheep thinks the other sheep smell VERRRY interesting. I'll keep the boys from the girls for another month, so the lambs will arrive after April 15th, 2009.
I just started a tax specialist job at AgStar Financial. Tax returns for farmers, what could be better?