Monday, November 10, 2008

November 08, Election over, hooray!

I just got tired of it. Everyone did, I know. But I got tired of the meanness, people forgetting to care that when they insulted the other candidate, they might be insulting their friend or acquaintance who LOVED that candidate.
I think unless you're on the high school debate team, mediated, you need to watch what you say to others.
Okay, that was MY soapbox moment.
Back to sheep and family-- we have a new president, hooray. It's done.

My ewes are getting really wide with wool-- but snowy backgrounds make the picture dark, so here's a shot of grassy green September days. This picture makes me yearn for warm weather, already!

It's LRO Maple front and center, but perky Lassi, the finnsheep, is peering around her. Lassi has "smirslet" white head markings and white feet, with a fawn, crimpy wool. The finn wool is, I think, like Bluefaced Leicester-- crimped tightly, and lustrous.
This weekend was our first shocking winter cold after a week of balmy 70s-- good thing I took advantage of that time to mow, rake, clean barns, etc. On Saturday, we caught, wormed and hoof trimmed my 15 ewes, some of whom seem HUGE now with all their wool (and maybe, they DID get enough to eat this fall). Someone called to talk about getting a ram, two other folks came out for other reasons, and we baked pumpkins and pumpkin bread in the house. A nice, cozy way to spend the rest of that day.
Sunday, we visited Carlson's Lovable Llama farm with the 4H group-- piercing cold wind, but nice proprieter. He told the kids how they could lease a llama, for next to nothing, and learn to show them. We all walked llamas around on lead ropes. Gentle animals. Incredible long "fleece" on them, some ringleted. Interesting.

I'm still deciding breeding groups, here, wanting to limit the number of pens I have to bring hay and water to throughout December.
I have recommended July, out of LRO April and a mioget ram, Firth of Fifth Bourbon, to the Wisconsin family looking for a last-minute ram . I really think he is perfect, with a tail and legs I'd like on all my lambs. However, he's pretty related to a lot of the little ewes, and I don't really want horns anymore.

Here's friendly July, saying hello/goodbye. They might choose a spotted gray, Mike, we'll see.

Enjoy your holiday preparations, everyone.