Sunday, February 28, 2010

Clearing out a lifetime of stuff...

For my friend, Paul, whose duplex apartment has been the same since he was 2 years old.  However, it's on the second floor, and he won't be taking steps like he used to, since his stroke.
He's mending.  Not whole, but mending slowly.  I'll move him to a facility out near me so I can check in on him a lot.  He's never been a farm type-- more a cosmopolitan hipster who's appalled to be wearing knit running pants and seen in a wheelchair.
It's easy for me to say that we have to take what life throws at us.

At Little Red Oak Farm, the sun is shining high and warm, and I've been outside a few times today.  I think I'll prune the little oaks (really! some are Little Red Oaks!) and fruit trees.  It should be done while dormant, no flies about to spread disease. 

And find you some pictures of sheep.
The sheep are pretty shaggy!  That's Maple looking us over, while the rams are behind all the ewes and "next door";  it had just snowed before this picture.
Maple and Poppy, two musket colored favorite "pets".  Beaucoup wool, Bluebell's breeding.

There's a new MN shetland (and soon Finn?) shepherd who's been emailing me all winter, keeping my enthusiasm for the sheep high, to match his. He just started a blog, new in my blog list-- Fletcher three oaks? I think he calls it. In the blog list at right. Give it a visit.

There's another new shepherd up in Glenwood, near Jerry Fletcher, I think-- named Aaron, wife Nicole-- who just got their acreage to hold the shetlands they bought from me last November. Nice couple, also enthusiastic. Maybe you'll meet them all one day. They're calling their farm Able Acres, at last discussion.

Time for me to mail those sheep transfers in to NASSA for them, now that they have a new farm address.

The snowy view from the bedroom window after the last (we hope) blizzard!
I'm working on a shearing date, now.  I should have done this a month ago (but I was a little busy).

Happy Spring, soon!