Sale Sheep

Shetland and Finn lambs will soon be available, registered or unregistered.
Pictures and more info to follow
It was a ram year, I'm afraid, producing many fine Finn rams--black HST, pied or white, nearly all carrying brown. One Black HST/pie ram may or may not-- but he's danged good looking.
I'm just not organized yet with pictures, and who's promised to who! Soon.

Even my 3 Shetland ewes had 4 rams out of 5 lambs born. I have ewe and ram brown gulmoget lambs, a black katmoget, and their solid black and brown brothers.


Lassi, this ewe with white HST (head, socks and tail markings) brown Finn, and Sukka, her daughter, seen hiding behind her here in 2011, each have sons.  Darn!  But what handsome boys they are!

Lassi had a black badgerface ram lamb, as well as a black piebald one,  from our QR (scrapie resistant genetic) badgerface patterned sire. 

Mari the white Finn ewe had 2 white ram lambs.  Most of our lambs carry brown under a black or white coat. 

Watch for blog photos, and contact us to hold lambs with a deposit, if one strikes your fancy!