Saturday, April 24, 2010

The lambs are Comin'

The first LittleRedOak Shetland lambs arrived on Thursday.  Highland Hollows Bluebell led off the season with twins, a musket (oatmeal/brown) ram and a white ewe lamb.  Timed nicely for late morning arrival.  Emily called it; saw Bluebell acting funny at 7 am, put her in a jug, let the other ewes out to pasture and went off to school.  Lambs arrived 3 hours later.
Twin Brooks Palisade delivered a brown ram and black ewe lamb at 4 am last night;  Not tonight, I hope,  I'd rather sleep!   Here, Bluebell's boy greets Pal's through the lambing jug panels. Healthy babies, all, and moms are doing fine. The dad to these four lambs is Kimberwood Leonardo, my smooth-polled (hornless) moorit ram.  No evidence of horns on these newborns, but it's too early to guess about that, yet.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Into Spring

Tax season is pulling in to a close, so of course, who's not got all their tax data compiled yet?   The seasonal tax preparer, of course.
So I won't write long.  These are new spring photos that DH took on Sunday. 
The ewes are expectant, shall we say, but no one appears ready to burst--
My Finns surprised me last year, though, by appearing lithe and un-ready and then suddenly lambing while I was away, so we'll see.
My elder friend that I watch out for, Paul, is now in a forever-home with nice nurse-aides about 13 miles from me.  I'll make fewer 45 mile drives to Minneapolis now.  That was the big deal of my winter-into-spring, and it's working it's way out now, as are the lambs, the taxes, the irises...
Rams with no- or tiny scur-horns.  LROak March, Finnsheep Osmo,
Kimberwood Leonardo, White Pine Parker.  Nice boys.