Wednesday, October 12, 2011

So it's Autumn now....

DH, Howard, was out taking pictures on the weekend morning, again:

Sheep come running to us now that they get a bale of hay every day.
Farmers took up most of the corn and soybeans all around us, last week:
I love the look of this little Finn ewe lamb, one of quads born on Easter
Fall will soon give way to, well, you know...

Monday, October 3, 2011

Before I give in to Autumn...

My vegetable garden in late August, before September's frost took it. The beach umbrella is a genius device for vegetable picking out of the sun:
We planted a huge area in coreopsis, thinking there were plenty of vegetables. I tried to catch the sheep grazing, beyond:
Frances the kitty had been resting among the swiss chard, until I pulled the camera out:

In the sheep world, I can't believe I did this, but, when Karen Byron needed a moorit ram, I sent LittleRedOak Ash home with her!
Forrest, the musket ram, is every bit as good, just light color, I reasoned. And there's a little guy born in June who may be equal to Ash. The mighty, curently still-tiny, Apollo!
(Pictures soon)

Some of my lambs left in the past month; there are still a half dozen ewe lambs and ram lambs that need homes--more finns than Shetlands.

This has been a hard-working year for me, actually, two-- with elder parents, in-laws and an elder friend all needing lots of time. We may not even breed some sheep this winter-- for an easier springtime at lambing season.
Fewer lambs means more time to enjoy them! We'll see.