Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Shearing Day March 31st!

Kitter on a cold tin roof-- of the sheep lean-to. 
Sat. March 31st, I think-- I'd better confirm with that shearer.  If you need specifics, email me or call.  Comment here if you don't have the contact info!

Helpers welcome, 10am. Potluck lunch, plenty to do until mid-afternoon.

Now, here's a great photo of Emily, showing off the handspun, handknitted gloves I asked a Spinning Guild friend, Elizabeth, to make for her.
They are finn wool-- so we posed Emily with our biggest Finn ewe, Kora-- wait, I joke.  We could not make a ewe do this, she was simply the one who went over to Emily, seated in the field.   Nevertheless, she's lovely, don't you think?  (both girls, really)

The gloves are fingerless, with a mitten-fingertip flap buttoned back, see?

Now, here am I, sitting nearby, approached by... Kora, again!  The biggest Finn ewe here, on right, the youngest, tiny Shetland ewe lamb in front, Artemis-- and her mom, Annie, off on the left.

Another nice day in this very warm winter in Minnesota.

If you want Elizabeth to make you gloves, I'll pass the word on, just ask!