Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Lambs on Monday

Poppy and Lily at 3 weeks. Who could not love these two?

I have a tiny lamb with scours (diarrhea). I doubt he weighs four pounds. His little rump is maybe 12 inches high. His twin sister is twice his size. He's been vigorous enough, only now he has scours, and mom, Maple, would just as soon get on with life outside the lambing jug and let him lag or fall behind.
So I spent monday feeding him tiny squirts of the foulest black paste one could be asked to ingest-- and he acted like I killed him, each time. Then a few hours later, he'd be bouncing around!
I think he's much improved today-- and we are taking turns. Now I don't feel so well.
No black paste, please.

Lamb photos~
Here's Bramble Elsie, who threw a scurred ram last year that I used this year. This year she had twin girls, Elise and Lizzy.

Cement block as pillow, LittleRedOak Junie and Tuesday, her babe:

Not a great shot of Yarrow's twins, but who could ask sleeping babies to move? She's standing watch over them. The girl, behind, is a lighter musket color with SUPER Crimp. Friendly from the start, as Yarrow's lambs always are.

My friend, Mary's, favorite new lamb, Ivan:


Unknown said...

Those spotted lambs are awesome! I love peeking at everyone's lambs! Great pictures:)

Connie Peterson said...

What beautiful lambs you have.

My sister, Candy, pointed you out to me and I would like to link you to my blog, as well.

We are hoping that my daughter, Joy, can collect any fleeces we decide to purchase from you - we will let you know as quickly as possible.

Terri D. said...

Pretty lambs, Gail. You have lots of nice color and spots! ;-)

Candy said...

What adorable lambs. I'm sorry I am going to miss Shepherd's Harvest this year. I would have liked meeting you. Maybe next year.

Gail V said...

your sister said you might stop by sometime. That would be great!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Hi Gail, I am also a Minnesota blogger, I came over from Connie's at Ash Lane. You have beautiful sheep..I especially like Ivan..what a great looking little guy!
I enjoyed reading about your sheep:) Connie