Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Lambs a week later. . .

I'm all better!

Thus cries Ash, the little scrawny lamb who had scours last week. He gave it to his twin, too, but by then we were ready with the tetracycline and icky black paste (Tri-pectate, for you home vet care enthusiasts) and she came through it quicker.

Now twins and mom, Maple, are out cruisin' the pastures.

I spent some time stalking Minwawe November and her lamb, LittleRedOak January. November used to love me, grew distant with advancing age, and last year, protected her baby from me. But right after this photo today, she came over to get petted. Yay--she'll teach January that I'm ok. January has a brown ram twin, March. He's off with the boys somewhere.

LRO Yarrow has this beautiful, crimpy-coated musket (oatmeal-colored as an adult, like she is) ewe lamb. The facial markings are a more dramatic version of her own when she was a lamb. Yarrow has the thickest fleece-- she's a Bluebell daughter-- but little crimp. And Yarrow throws wildly spotted lambs-- so I think this baby will, too. We called her Betony.

Hmmm, all the lambs shown above were sired by Kimberwood Leonardo, a polled ram. I'm so happy there's a ram twin in each pair, to show me whether the mating produced horns or not!
* * *
Apparently, I've stunned the lamb pack, who got caught playing alone without their mommies:

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Becky Utecht said...

Oh, I love those little moorit lambs! We didn't get any moorit or musket this year. Will have to wait until next year I guess. Glad to hear the scours were cured.

Sabrina Wille Erickson said...

That cry baby is sooooo cute, Gail. I bigified a few photos-it looks like those lambs have some really crimpy uniform fleece. Congratulations.

I really like the look of that Katmoget ewe lamb.

Lovely Lovely

Gail V said...

Thanks, you guys.
This is year four of lambing-- and I notice my eye is getting trained, my opinion a little fussier about what I want to see.
I guess at first, all the lambs look precious. Now, long tails-- going. Straight wool, harumph. It's maybe the luxury of having many to choose from. And I have been happy to send off those I don't want to nice people who will love them, so I don't mind refining the flock.

Unknown said...

I love it when the lambs are without the moms and they act "so surprised" when you come upon them:) I was reading your comment above and reflecting that this is my 2nd year of lambing and I am being more critical & I hate it but I know its the right thing to do....I love them all of course:)

Candy said...

I am loving the photos of your lambs. If you don't mind I will live vicariously through you. It's probably going to be over 10 days before I get your wool. But I hear it's wonderful. And from a ewe so pretty, of course it is.