Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Sheep in Minnesota winter

 Finally, a normal, snowy Minnesota winter--  we begin to worry about the effects of global warming when Minnesota has little snow and 40 degrees all winter, as it did last year.

The Finn and Shetland sheep don't mind the snow and cold, they are built for it.  These Finn girls are mom and daughter: Lassi (right) and Sukka.  It appears they opted to sleep outside and get snow-covered , rather than go into their lean-to for shelter.

  I asked my husband to go outside and take hoarfrost photos on Sunday, and to please photograph the silly ewes walking in a line.  The snow is less than a foot deep, but they will rarely deviate from the path they've trodden from feeder to shelter to fenceline where they hang out with the neighboring rams.  The result was stunning.
 DH and I also discussed selling all the sheep this summer-- which we've considered for some time.  I need a shoulder surgery, and 3 months' rest .  I am quite sure that means no hay bale or water bucket carrying.  I also want to travel in winter.  So... unless something else changes -- always possible-- we will sell off the remaining dozen Finn and Shetlands we have here, as well as the 2 dozen lambs expected to arrive in April.
Keep a watch on this blog if you want more info, and message me to inquire.  This will take a while to get done, but I know some people will have favorites-- as we always have.


Kyle Whitcomb & Alissa Stai said...

Great pictures, i love the one where all the ewes are walking single file.

Carolina Trekker said...

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