Monday, November 12, 2012

A quick post about fleece

Frannie the cat, fleeces from our sheep
From my little flock of little sheep:

April's shearing of raw finn or shetland fleece in two colors:

I have a cream shetland and a white and black spotted Finn, both ewes' fleece. Each is about 5-6 lbs.

These fibers are well known to handspinners and felters for their soft beauty and color.

Raw fleece: Shetland $10/lb, Finn $14/lb.

Kora, piebald black and white finnsheep whole fleece for sale.-- 5-1/2 lbs @ $14/lb + shipping.

Maple, cream color Shetland, 6 lb whole fleece @$10/lb + shipping.
I also have roving, ready to spin or felt: charcoal/espresso color blended Finn/Shet $2.25/oz.
Many colors of Shetland $2/oz. -- brown, brown/black blend, cream and fawn, cream and brown.

I've just sent 36 lbs. of raw wool to Hidden Valley to be made into roving-- most blended Finn and Shetland, some pure Shetland.  Lovely wool and colors!


Connie Peterson said...

I sent Yarrow's fleece off to get processed, then found a spinner who will spin for a portion of the yarn ... so I get "free" spinning. I'm excited - I have been weaving so much that the spinning has been dropped for a long while. This way I will get some lovely Shetland yarn to weave with and not have to take time away from weaving to get it!

carly said...

Is the finnsheep fleece still available?

Gail V said...

Carly, no, that fleece sold -- and I sold the ewe! sorry.