Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Bluebell and her twinners

My old friend, Highland Hollows Bluebell is what, 6 this year?  We just counted up the 5 sets of twins she's had for us at Little Red Oak Farm, so, yes. . .
and for the first time, she stopped leading her babies away from us.  She came over to my bench in the shade some days ago and asked to be petted.  Her little POLLED musket boy, Forrest, wants the same-- but we don't pet ram lambs, here--
and her little white ewe lamb, Forsythia, hangs back shyly.  They plopped down to rest awhile.

(As always, double click on photos to biggify.)

Next, I pulled together a photo of one of Yarrow's ram twins;  he has good head splashes--and will throw spots, I'm quite certain.  His horns are strong, so I'd rather he move to another farm.  The only picture I had also happened to have Emily with the ever-friendly Kimi and her babies in it.


Nancy K. said...

It only took 6 years for Bluebell to trust you with her lambs? Very impressive! ;-) She still looks beautiful and I"m glad your still getting such nice lambs from her.

How wonderful that your daughter enjoys the sheep and lambs as well. Is she at all interested in the fiber ~ spinning/felting?

Gail V said...

Isn't that something? Bluebell's been a good girl. My dau. LOVES the lambs and sheep, it's been so good for her. She says she'll work in genetics after college-- her interest began with sheep color genetics! She likes all the fiber arts somewhat... nothing strongly yet.

Becky Utecht said...

That seems to be the way it always goes, when you decide to sell a sheep they get more friendly and endearing. Bluebell is going to a new home this summer, isn't she?
I would have loved to have a daughter to share sheep and fiber with! But I got two boys--the oldest is getting heavily into landscaping and gardening now that he bought a house.

Sabrina Wille Erickson said...

Bluebell's polly boy looks gorgeous. I think you should do a special blog post just for him so all of us polled breeders can dream and wish! :)
Yes, you are so lucky to have a wonderful daughter that shares your sheep interest. Love my boys and I'm proud of them. But I always longed for a daughter too. So I just have to be happy for those parents that have them. :)

Juliann said...

Beautiful little musket boy Gail, that is a very pretty color.