Friday, November 20, 2009

Warm November

I've been taking lousy photos lately;  maybe because I don't take the camera outside (or myself) until late afternoon, and the danged sun goes down at 5 or so. The light is bluish and gray by 4pm--
But the little new Finn ewe, "TRP Number 20" stood still nicely for me, and I got this one.  My daughter wants to call her Kimi, I believe.  A Finn boys' name, but she likes the sound of it.
I'm trying to make myself part with some more ewes.  I think lambing 20 in spring will drive me crazy, but I seem to have a rational reason for keeping them all.  Next summer I will have to hold a Clearance Sale.

Outside, now, to do pruning and digging/moving some small trees.  We know what weather will soon be here.


Terri D. said...

It's funny that you think your photos look "lousy." I have been thinking exactly the same about mine! It seems like it is either too bright or too shady, and the colors are flat and washed out. This time of year is hard for we Shepherds who love to take pics of our flock. ;-)

Michelle said...

So, which of your soft-fleeced known poll-carrier ewes do you want to save for me to make the trip next June?

Gail V said...

June . . . perhaps Maple's daughter, Linden, a moorit (modified?).
Or if Splash throws a ewe for me to keep, maybe Splash.
We'll have to see what happens.
June travel sounds too soon to send any lambs from 2010. Mine should be born mid to late April.

my husband noticed a button bumped on the camera-- not related to light, but so many have been mysteriously out of focus lately!

Michelle said...

I'd rather not have a 2010 lamb anyway; would prefer a ewe who has produced, that you are fairly confident carries polled. And soft and fine, as that is something I still need to work on in my little flock.

Connie Peterson said...

That "Kimi" is very pretty (lousy light or not!). Wish Candy and I could bring some ewes home with us. We are thinking and hoping and planning and maybe, just MAYBE it would work someday. We will not give up!

Gail V said...

Hi Connie,
thank you, isn't Kimi pretty? So sweet, too. If you and Candy are thinking about ewes someday, there's all the time in the world to get ready.
These here will be cozy for the winter.