Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Homeless Sheep have Homes

Hooray!  I offered the re-homed sheep on Best Farm Buy Classifieds (have all of you found these?  It's national.) and a young man and his lovely bride decided shepherding was for them.  (P.S.-- if you can teach me how to make a hyperlink within the blog, I would just link to the Classifieds.  Thanks!)
It's fun mentoring someone who's just getting set up to raise sheep.

If you recall, 3 ewes had come back here from a neighbors';  one, who had some possible mastitis? problem  while she was with them, I decided I should keep, to keep an eye on next season.  One, LittleRedOak (LRO) Mallow, went to a farm in New Prague with her sister, LRO Catnip (boo hoo, we will miss her).
The new, young shepherd is taking Mallow's daughter, Mindy, along with Easter Lily, one of the spring orphan twins (I know, how could we do that!) and two more of our little brown ewes.
He will have a nice starter flock.  Also rescued by him was the little black ram who was GOING to go to the butcher-- the one whose photo was shown here a month ago, eating a pumpkin.

I'm feeling fortunate to have the time and money to arrange these pairings.  These sheep are all fortunate.  They will be well cared-for.

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Deb W said...

I'm SO pleased! I thought the black ram was ALREADY a goner! Knowing he is going to a new farm with some 'girlfriends' is a great relief!