Thursday, July 30, 2009

Rose-breasted Grosbeak story

Last week, a very loud THUMP hit my 2nd story bedroom window. Poor bird. I looked out to the porch roof just below, and watched a small, stunned bird roll and shake its head repeatedly.
We took the little bird in and put it in a box, thinking that more restful, for her, than balancing on an angled roof.
She clutched a finger tightly, so we knew she was strong--
and we put her in the backyard maple tree. She sat there all day, and later, flew away, with a squawk at us!
The next day, we saw the rest of her family, on the birdfeeder outside our kitchen window, where a sunflower, sprung from a dropped seed, grew.

Her sleek Mama, and brighter colored Daddy.

There were at least two offspring, learning to eat from the feeder and presumably, to fly a little better!


thecrazysheeplady said...

I always end up with a sunflower growing under my bird feeder as well. Glad your story had a happy ending - neat birds.

Nancy K. said...

I love the picture of your daughter holding the bird. What beautiful girls!

Gail V said...

I loved that picture, too. She looks so young here, like, still my baby girl. Most of the time, not so young anymore. ;-)

Karen said...

Good job watching over the little bird until it recovered. I love those Grosbeaks, so pretty.

Candy said...

Such nice photos. What are you feeding them?

Gail V said...

Hi Candy,
after years of "planting" mustard, flax, and other undesirables under the feeder, I started buying only black oil sunflower for the general bird feeder-- and I like to have suet out (free from the country butcher), and finch feed when I can.