Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Back home

The first produce of the garden (not counting volunteer cilantro) were big green kohlrabi (we've eaten our fill!) and these tie-dyed beets! I have fallen in love with them! Roasted, steamed, grilled-- not just pickled!

These lambies are Eino, the Finn ram lamb, and January, a little katmoget ewe lamb. See Eino's little scur horn buds? He broke them both off, now. Eino went home with his new owner on Saturday, and I'm hoping January will find another home, soon!
I haven't focused on selling sheep this summer, and need to, now-- my pastures can't support so many.
January has a full poll brother, a moorit who I am keeping to use. I can sell either January's mom or January herself-- but I've grown rather attached to her mom, Minwawe November. January's dad is Kimberwood Leonardo, a smooth poll ram.
I'll post better pictures of her soon.


Michelle said...

Are you keeping Leonardo as well as his son to use in your flock? Because I am looking for a full poll ram that could come west with Garrett next June. If either of your full polls may be available, I'd love illustrative photos and fleece samples/micron reports!

Michelle said...

P.S. Those are really cool beets! I love beets, but my guys don't so I don't plant them. Would like to know what variety that is, though.

Sabrina Wille Erickson said...

Oh, January is so pretty. Don't suppose you would trade a polled lamb for a polled lamb? She's pretty just the same!

Gail V said...

Sabrina, I probably would, just to get more genetics in here.

And yes, too, to Michelle-- I need to move sheepies out of here, just because so many of mine get to be too related to each other.
There is a full poll moorit lamb out of LRO Maple who is SOOO related to everyone I am selling him this summer, if I can-- he's Leonardo's son, and Maple is out of HHW Bluebell and FirthofFifth don Telmo Bourbon. I'll post photos next posting.
And I've never done micron reports, but I can clip some wool to mail to you.

Sabrina Wille Erickson said...

Gail, This is a whim, but and interesting one as I need some wider genetics here too. If it isn't too much trouble, could you send or post photos of January's tail/hindquarters etc. And I'd love a fleece sample. My contact info is at the bottom of my blogpage.

Karen said...

Your beets look wonderful, guess I've never planted them. Yum.
Such cute lambs, do you like the Finns?

Gail V said...

Hi you guys,
I couldn't say which seed package these particular beets came out of, sorry. DH's cousin told me that I'd harvested them overripe, that's why they were striped.
(But I thought they were great!)
Karen, I love the Finns. The newborn lambs are VERY thin though, and I think need to be kept inside longer after birth-- and I'd worry about them lambing outdoors, alone. But I've only had experience with 2 so far.
Otherwise, friendlier, I think, lovely, crimpy wool, and a foot taller than the shetlands.
Sabrina, I'll post some pics. Nag me for the fleece sample, I can't get my hands on January yet.

Juliann said...

Lovely little lambs. Gail I didn't know you had so many sheep. 50? wow!

Gail V said...

Hi Jules,
well, I have 20-25 through each winter, and then about 25 are born in Spring, so. . . 50, for a while!