Thursday, April 2, 2009

April Fools!

April fools!
The weather turned back on us, with a coating of snow that's sure to make shearing, this Sunday, a wetter business. We'll keep our fingers crossed.
This past week, poor Minwawe PandaBear got an owie and some nice red vet-wrap to cover it while it healed. She caught it on the edge of a pallet while (I'm sure) running to join the ewe flock escaping out the lean-to back door. Wheee! We haven't been in THAT barnyard for a while!
But poor Panda, narrow ankle caught between two wooden slats on the pallet, went down, Whump! and laid there, in a dead sheep pose. I freed her foot. Still dead, by all appearances, except open eyes. Fear-frozen! That's our little Panda.
I rolled her completely over and away to convince her that the pallet didn't have her anymore. She found her feet, and limped away.
I freaked, thought she'd broken a bone-- 3 weeks before her lambs come--
But she's fine,now, and wearing her beautiful red bandaid until we shear on Sunday.

Dear Husand went out and laid in the field on Saturday, taking arty sheep pictures. There are a few overly friendly sheep, ahem, like this one, standing on him:

And then she and Mari the finn ewe fought over him:

Oh, fun news: My nearby neighbor, who bought a trio of my ewes and a ram to clear an old pasture (never mind what's happening to their lovely wool coats)let us know they have LAMBS! "One's black and one's black with white legs and face", she said. Now, I think they must be brown, but very dark, I'm sure: The ram and all 3 ewes were brown-based sheep. But it sounds like they got an HST-- and I wouldn't be surprised, as one of the ewes is. We want to go over and see them-- we won't have lambs for another two weeks!


Nancy K. said...

GREAT pictures!

I have a whole 'nother month to wait for lambs...

Sharrie said...

Interesting angle on the pictures. Hope the leg is OK through shearing and lambing. Those little stick legs seem awful fragile to me.

Becky Utecht said...

Gail, your husband has done it again, he takes the BEST photos! I hope you are going to enter these in the photo contest at Shepherds Harvest.
BFL-sired lambs can happen here anytime now, but I'm thinking it won't start until next week. The Shetlands aren't due until end of April into May.

Terri D. said...

Tell DH the pics are great! We may be the latest for lambs...the end of April through the end of May! It is so hard to wait but the grass WILL be juicy green and plentiful. We shear tomorrow. Here's hoping for nice weather this weekend.

Gail V said...

I told DH what you said about his pictures-- he lives for praise-- he puffed right up. No, that's great. He works hard and has fun at it. Hmmm, Shepherd's Harvest photo contest. I'll tell him about it!
Nice to hear from you-all.