Monday, May 6, 2013

Shetland and Finnsheep Lambs 2013

WHO are YOU??
Do I need to say "copyright protected"?  Mari's finn ram lambs.  Too precious for words.
 The last lambs were born 8 days ago. Shetland ewe, LittleRedOak Trillium, started the baby boom on April 14, with this big, strong moorit gulmoget ram lamb out of Little Red Oak Scurs-- a brown scurred ram with beautiful wool.  He will need a new home.  He will grow up polled-- no horns.
With all of these pictures, remember you can double click to see them up close.

Our sweetest Shetland ewe, LRO Anthea (Annie) was the last to lamb on April 28, presenting her twins outdoors in the small barnyard near the windbreak trees. Minnesota still had a bit more winter weather for us in April, so all the sheep were held in for a few days. This is the first day of release to the grassy barnyard:

Mari (officially Reese TRP16U) brought her little rams outside.   Both rammies have brown spotted noses.  For those of you who care about sheep color genetics, that means they are Brown spotted sheep wearing white clothing.  They will pass the brown gene on to offspring.  These 3 are mild and sweet. 

Lassi, my original brown Finn Ewe,
had quads again this year, but only  two boys made it, perhaps due to their size and vigor. We had an unusual year, in general, with many RAM lambs, a few preemies, breech births and stillborn.  All of this was very hard on the shepherds, but usually the ewes got a little treasure or two to take care of in the end.
Lassi is brown piebald/HST.  Bred to Stillmeadow738 NY69-0205 (Toivo), a black HST badgerface ram, they created these fabulous boys, a Badger HST (already promised away) and a black piebald.
Next we see a lovely ewe lamb I named Frowsy (for now).  Her wild, puppy dog, glossy fur will later be replaced by nice lambswool, I have learned from past lambs.  However, last year's lamb like this stayed incredibly soft and pitch black.  Frowsy is out of LRO Nappylainen, a Holstein-styled piebald and Sulev, last years' black HST ram with TripleL genetics.  She will likely go to Missouri.


LRO Sukka, brown ewe, produced this handsome HST ram with Toivo.
I had to show you his stylin' jacket before he outgrew it.
Emily needed a picture of herself in her new Yale T-shirt for the student directory.  She chose Kimi
and quads to highlight.  Coin, the ewe lamb with the quarter shaped spot, is behind Kimi;  a ram lamb
behind Coin.   Em has Friendly the ewe lamb in her lap, while the biggest ram lamb sucks on her finger.

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