Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Last Chance for Forrest

Little Red Oak Forrest has a date with the butcher on Monday, unless you want him, and speak up quickly!
After Shearing Day on Saturday (a great, fun time, by the way, and just look at all of those shiny, cleaned- up sheep) he acted as rams do, and I decided I'd had it with him.  He's just a ram, not particularly aggressive, nor at all wild-- but when the sheep don't recognize each other after getting haircuts, they often butt heads to re-establish the pecking order, and Forrest wants to be No. 1! 
Besides, I have 3 rams for both breeds I own, Finns and Shetlands.  Forrest is so related to most of my ewes--he's a Highland Hollows Bluebell son.  I am pretty proud of everything about him-- his hornless little head, his nice square build.  His fleece is super-abundant, crimpy, and I had him micron'ed.  His AFD was 27 at 2 yrs old, probably "good 'nuff" for many folks.  I just want to keep moving on and keep my numbers down. I will look for an unrelated ram this summer.

Here are all 3 Shetland rams.  The little brown guy is only 9 months old-- a Forrest son-- he got about 4 ewes PG in a few days-- when I didn't think he could.  His fleece is baby-fine yet, at 20 AFD, so I will keep him to see how he works out.
My husband, Howard, holding the little ram, Apollo, waiting for shearing! 
There are so many big issues happening in my life right now it's hard to believe that a month ago I was relaxing, tying this quilt with Betty Ann-- the lady who was born in this farm house many years ago!
Now my, my, what lovely wool.  Just wish I could remember whose it was!  Emily will remember. 


Stevie Taylor said...

What a handsome guy. Sorry, but we don't keep rams here. Just got 2 ram lambs but they will not be long before being banded. Breeding goats is enough for me. I expect the sheep to just grow their wool and lay around eating hay :) Good luck finding him a home! Stevie @ruffledfeathersandspilledmilk.com

Gail V said...

Nice to hear from you, Stevie.
I can tell you are a writer, and will look for your blog!