Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Sheep dads and Lambs' 1st day out of the barn 2011

Let's start with a love fest in the field between my four rams.  Osmo, the big guy, is my Finn ram, a darling.  He is snuggling Little Red Oak Forrest, a yearling polled Shetland.  Behind Osmo is White Pines Parker, who is slightly scurred but throws polled rams and spots;  on the right is the August-born Finn ram lamb I got
last Fall.  He hasn't been used yet.  All lambs born this year came from Osmo (Finns) and Parker (Shetlands), and a borrowed black gulmoget, Kimberwood Harrison, to use on half the Shetland ewes.  (Oops, update:  a few came from the Finn ram lamb, now called Paavo.)

These photos were taken last week.  Editing photos takes time, in between helping new lamb moms.  Here's poor Minwawe November, who STILL hasn't lambed.  Poor, poor dear.

Below are Lassi the Finn girl's quads, just as they leave the safe barnyard for the first time.  They are following Lassi closely.  Lassi can't get at the fresh grass fast enough.  Ample udder for these babes;  we haven't supplemented them at all. 

Below, the Finn moms and babies are relaxing a bit.  Black lambs are Kora's, of course, and the brown ones are Lassi's.  So skinny, aren't those Finn babies?

Here's Boston Lake Niav with her sturdy little Shetland lambs.  Her ewe lamb looks like her, her boy is all black. 

Finn lambs in a scuffle!  This made me laugh-- they are so young, but instincts are already there!  They are both ewe lambs.

More pictures when I have more time.  Taking deposits on lambs, by the way!


Kelly said...

You have some beautiful lambs! Congrats on the quads, they look great.

Karen Valley said...

Is the spotty Finn girl for sale? I really like her and would be interested.

Gail V said...

Hi Karen,
I think we are too in love with her to sell her. We are now envisioning a very spotted flock as a goal...
certainly fewer solid black sheep. I think we'd be happier to part with her brother or sister who have head and feet
spots only.

Karen Valley said...

Do you have any micron information on the parents? What range do Finns normally fall in...length of fleece? Do you breed your yearling Finns or hold them over for a year. Price and photo of the ewe lamb with head and feet spots? Thanks.

Gail V said...

Hi Karen
I haven't microned any sheep for 2 years or so, just another job to do! Finns are generally softer/finer than my shetlands. I can mail you a sample from shearing. I have 3 colors-- fawn, white, black/gray. Email me-Gvonbargen@aol.com.
Finn price range $250-300, but maybe I can trade you for a polled Shetland ram lamb with great fleece/conformation.