Sunday, August 22, 2010

The summer's flown by

I know, I just haven't written here for a long time!  I've been meaning to catch up, but so much Life has been happening.  We had a big wedding weekend in July (my stepson, Jeremy's) .

and a little camping trip to the Black Hills right afterward (with CA friends, the Scharf family).

Then it was time for the Carver County (MN) fair, where we all enter dozens of exhibits.  Here's Em with her little cousins for a general visit to the fair:
and now Emily's school sports and marching band have begun. Oh, and did I mention that the garden is overflowing with produce demanding attention? Not to whine...

But I have a lot of little lambs to sell before winter-- so I had better get on it.

Here's how my ram lambs are this summer, only eight! born out of 28 lambs; since I bred again for no-horns, thank you,  two Shetlands are scurred, two fully polled , two with strong horns.   I was happy with the outcome.  Most are shown here.  One brown Finn ram lamb (on the far right) is still available, most Shetland lambs are, too.

Ah, my ewe lambs.  If I just keep them all this winter, I simply won't breed for a year.  I can't sell that much fleece to pay for their feed, and I don't want to work that hard to keep them all well-tended.  Lambing more than 15 ewes about kills me in April.  I don't have many photos of the ewes yet.

Here is my model daughter surrounded by friendly Finns.  The black lamb could live somewhere else.  In fact, we have two.

 Mari the white Finn ewe with her twin girls, a brown and a white. Both need new homes.

And here is  last year's bottle baby, Poppy, with HER baby, Pansy-- who both can only go to the best of homes:

I will post more pictures soon, thanks for checking!


The Chicken Keepers said...

Neat blog! Check out our blog at

Sabrina Wille Erickson said...

Emily is so beautiful! So are your pretty sheep. Good luck with sales.

(we are so busy here too with fall sports and music lessons. amazing how much running a parent can do when they are this age!)

Nancy K. said...

such pretty babies!

Candy said...

I missed your blog. Glad your back. I thought maybe you had gotten lost in the deep canyons of the Black Hills.

Gail V said...

I am glad to report that Poppy and her little babe, Pansy, went to live with Jerry Fletcher last weekend.
As well as 2 older girls, old Panda Bear and yearling, Splash.
Good outcome, I will see photos of them on Jerry's blog.