Friday, May 7, 2010

End of Lambing, Photos follow

In another rush to the finish, lambing season has, I think, wrapped up for 2010.  30 lambs out of 18 ewes, 21 ewe lambs, 9 ram lambs.  We like odds like that.  Many ewes were yearling, first time moms this year, and as many of you know, first-timers frequently have single babies.  But they knew just what to do!

Nine Finn lambs (2 boys), 21 Shetland lambs (you do the math)!  We lost one Finn lamb--darn, a brown spotted girl--but we have lambs aplenty. 
I have not had time to enjoy them as they came, though I see that the lamb races have begun-- and this year, we have a new lamb playground attraction--the enormous compost heap of bedding dug out of their barn last fall.  So many paths and peaks, so much fun!

Photos later, and I will start to decide who will stay, and who will be sold.
I think next year I would like to have only 10 ewes over winter, which means I have to sell about 30 ewes and lambs!


Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see those Finn ewe lambs! Congrats on crossing the finish line. :-)

Anonymous said...

Oops - I should have written "Congrats on crossing the Finnish line..."

Gail V said...

You're funny, Teri.
I hope to see you at Shepherd's Harvest tomorrow or Sunday.