Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Other People's Farm Blogs Amaze me

I could just sit and read all night.  I go to another Shetland breeders' blog, probably the most recent post that's popped up on my list to the right, here--
and they have, on their blog, a list of their favorite blogs, so I click on some of theirs--
and it goes on and on.  I am charmed, I am invigorated by other people's ideas and adventures.

Here's an extremely nice piece of writing on living on the rural side:
We're Not From Around Here

Hooray!  I figured out how to make hyperlinks.  It's a new world from now on.

Here's a nice Romney sheep blog:
Romney Ridge Farm

Oh, that's fun.  Happy Reading.

I'm inside this week, weaving, knitting, putting away Hanukkah decorations.  That family party is over.  Christmas with the other side of the family is next week, but I am not the host of that one.  Psheww. 
It's 0 degrees F and less, here in MN, and the sheep got double feed today.  They drink a lot of water from their electric, heated buckets.  I think it's like warm tea.  Wouldn't you?
The cats, hens and ducks now all have heated pet bowls, too.  Chickens', up high on a platform so the ducks can't mess it up and a bucket on the floor for the messy ducks.  What a great idea.  It took us 5 years to figure that one out.


Michelle said...

I try really hard not to start blog surfing. Considering how many blogs I already follow (150?), I have enough to read just keeping up with them; I don't WANT to know about other wonderful reads!

Funny; my sheep seem to drink less from heated buckets when they are required here. Maybe because they aren't used to tepid water? (We don't need them often.)

Unknown said...

A few months back I added Romney Ridge because guess what is being added to my sheep collection? However, I am on a waiting at another farm for them (hint: its on my blog list too). I have fallen in love again.......this falling in love stuff gets me in trouble!

Nancy K. said...

YOUR blog looks great, Gail!

Connie Peterson said...

We have heated pails for the animals ... dog waterer on a raised platform for the chickens and a 5 gallon one for the sheep. They drink more water on cloudy days - think they get water from snow when digging for grass on sunny days. I love the heated waterers. And Norm put a heat tape on the hydrant in the barn so we don't have to HAUL water in the winter!

Stay warm!

Terri D. said...

There IS only so much time.... I love reading blogs and looking at the photos. I absolutely love them!

Donna said...

Hi Gail,
So my blog was removed from the internet by for MALWARE. I retyped my last blog entry from early this morning to a temporary new site at


Gail V said...

Wow, I didn't know you'd all commented! Nice to hear all your comments. Nancy, thank you.
Donna, bummer about the malware. I have had to add some new antivirus/malware protection to this computer-- how embarrassing when everyone in my address book got solicited to shop at some web site I've never seen! By ME/Not!*!

Michelle said...

Gail, you can set your blog to email to you any comments people make on your blog. That way you KNOW people have commented, without having to go and check each post!

Candy said...

You know Gail, it was your fault that I now read so many blogs from women that raise sheep. I started reading your links, which led me to other links and so it goes. Your blog and all the others gave me a new love; shetland sheep. I will never be able to have my own; but I can dream and all those blogs help with that too. Thank you.