Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Little brown rams & Easter Lily

Remember Lily the orphan twin? She regards this mounting block as her little home, I swear. I had to get a snap so I'd always remember. When she was tinier, she slept UNDER it.

Handsome horned ram lamb and his polled cousin, Little Red Oak Ash.
I think Ash will be going to a breeder who wants polled rams; I'm afraid April's horned boy will go "on the truck" in a few weeks. Sigh.

Not a terribly flattering picture of Ash--

And here he is, wondering if he really wants to walk away.
He just wants to be petted, always.


Anonymous said...

Hello Gail glad you got the blog list sorted - i was signed in to my other google account that doesnt have my blog linked to it when i left that comment, didnt realise it till i posted.

oh and i found your blog via Ramsay Farms :)

Anonymous said...

oh forgot to say ive looved looking at your lovely photos of the sheep - they are too cute :)

Michelle said...

Hi Gail, is that me you're talking about, or is someone else interested in Ash? I am still very much up in air on rams; I'd really like to see what I get out of Braveheart and Inky next spring. Other than that, I may hold out for a proven full-poll with fine fleece. But if you would be willing to send in a fleece sample to Texas A&M, the results may push me to consider Ash. Is he a moorit, fawn or musket (SO hard to tell sometimes from photos)?

Gail V said...

thank you again for telling me how to sort my blog list! And I intend to go look at your spinners' blog.
Thanks for the sheepy compliments, too.
I sent you an email to talk about Ash. Sabrina's going to take him so his polled genes don't go to waste, and I'm trading for a ram of hers. I didn't want any bachelor rams overwintering here this year.

Sabrina Wille Erickson said...

Hey Gail and Michelle,

I don't know what plans you may have considered beforehand...but I don't plan on butchering Ash after I use him this fall. So he may very well be available again next season if I am done with him. He might even be a proven ram by then and his second fleece micron would be available, Michelle. Just a thought.

Best to you both!