Monday, February 2, 2009

February sun

This is Kimberwood Leonardo and (we hope) his girlfriend, LittleRedOak Catnip. Leonardo's claim to fame is his handsome, hornless forehead. See that? It's the wave of (our) future. We love the horned look, truly we do-- but my buildings are made of tin foil, it seems, and those boys gave them a a beating.

Woo Hoo, we had a thaw on Saturday! 42 degrees and sunny, so good Minnesotans, we ran outside with just sweatshirts on and shoveled slush and ice away so we could celebrate dry sidewalks again, and hauled in firewood before the melting snow got it all wet, took photos of lovely sheep, and skirted fleeces shorn last fall so they can go to the mill. (Skirting, you non-shepherds, means removing the undesirable stuff from a sheep's fleece-- the stuff one wouldn't want in the wash water, like barnyard debris and hay). I only have brown and black balls of roving available for sale, now, but soon will have white, oatmeal and gray again.

I got a shearing date, tentatively, Sunday April 5th, 9 a.m. So if you want to come out to watch or join the work party, drop me an email.

Two weeks later, the lambs will start coming.

Our new computer has "had its moments", including a week back at the Best Buy! It doesn't like our old laser printer/copier or our old Adobe Photodeluxe, so some tasks are still not done.
I'm going to paste in a picture here, but it may be a bazillion pixels. We'll get that fixed soon, really. . . sorry, you dial-up folks.


Sharrie said...

You are right, it just takes a few moments of warmer weather to get us to shed our warm jackets. It just feels so good to be able to move AND be warm when I am outside. Even though they will disappear, warmer temperatures sure spread cheer up here. Don't take much.

Michelle said...

Which sheep is which? That's one downside to polled rams; it's harder to tell who's who from a distance, but I'll take them over those damaging horns any day.

Gail V said...

I KNEW I needed to ID the boy-- he's solid moorit. Catnip is a naughty, playful, little spotted Dog Sheep (in your lap in your face pet!)

Claire MW said...

Hi Gail! I just found your blog today and I like it! Of course, the fact that it involves sheep is a dead-giveaway on why I like it! Glad to have found it.

Nice to see someone in Minnesota (i.e. state next door!) is raising Finn sheep. We would like to expand our little herd of Icelandics to add maybe some Shetlands, Finns, and one day I would love a Teeswater. The more I learn about the different breeds, the more I want one of each!

Gail V said...

HI Claire,
I don't KNOW about Teeswaters, never heard of them. I am glad to hear you might have Finns, too. I love my shetlands, but I might like the finns as much -- and need new ram-genetics each year! Where are you, and do you have a blog?

Juliann said...

Gail, what a gorgeous polled boy! I'm off to the database to find his pedigree!!

Gail V said...

Well Juliann,
he's out of your Lightfoot, I believe. ;-)

Juliann said...

Cool! :)

Are you coming to Jefferson this year? Seems like a million years since I got to see you!

Gail V said...

Hi Juliann,
I have no idea what I'll do in September, but I sure like going to that festival. I hope to see you, too.