Thursday, August 21, 2008

August, Summer's last hurrah

Yikes, 5 weeks since last blog! Too busy enjoying the sun and green and all growing things, I guess.
First, we hatched a lot of monarchs in the kitchen again. This one is a boy. . .

. . . and this one is a girl. Google the answer as to how we know, or you can ask me! ;-)

Next, we got about 30 exhibits ready and took 'em to the Carver County Fair. Garden flowers, zucchinis, eggplant, Child's weaving, my spinning and weaving. . . At the fair, Sister, Child and Husband posed in front of someone else's lovely pumpkin exhibit.

And when that week was done, we brought all our ribbons home. Four days at the fair makes a happy, busy week.

I remembered this year!--to enter in the sheep's wool exhibit in the livestock building, and we took home the grand champion and reserve champion ribbons! Yay for LittleRedOak Mullein, the Shetland ram (light gray, just crimpy-gorgeous)and good old Minwawe Panda Bear, an older ewe with silvering black fleece! I wouldn't agree with the judge on his order of ribbons, but what the heck?

Tomorrow I'm taking my 90-year-old Father in Law to the library to show him what a blog looks like.
Hello, Arnold! We love you!


Nancy K. said...

I'll bite (I'm too lazy to Google) ~ how can you tell the difference between the boy and girl Monarchs?

Congratulations on your fleece championships! It sounds like a fun week at the fair.

Sabrina Wille Erickson said...

Good to hear from you again, Gail. You have been busy!

Congratulations on all those butterflies and ribbons!

Gail V said...

Ok, monarch sexing:
The males have narrower black stripes on their wing patterns, and distinctive black dots in the mid-to- lower part of their wings (Though someone told me they are scent glands, I equate these to you-know-what to remind me that's the MALE pattern). The females lack the dots and have broader black stripes!

Sharrie said...

I can just see that beautiful white cat's next move------right into the middle of one of those bags of wool for a well deserved nap.

Great job at the fair.

Becky Utecht said...

Congratulations on all the winning entries at the fair. You guys really keep busy! And the Monarch photos are lovely.