Friday, May 2, 2008

Some lamb photos, finally!

Announcing, Alyssum and Catnip, out of Little Red Oak (LRO)Yarrow and Minwawe Equator!
The friendliest, suck on-your-pantsleg-climb-in-your-lap little ewe lambs ever!

And Little Red Oak Abby and Equator's son, hmmm. . . Abbot?-- may change that name. An extremely friendly boy (Dad Equator is-- Abby is NOT). Having encouraged him to like people, I now have to turn aside when I see him, so I don't have a ram who butts for attention!

And June, the tiniest, intense and friendly solid brown (moorit) ewe lamb, out of Little Red Oak April and FirthofFifth D.T. Bourbon. Her solid brown twin is July!

Not a very fine photo of our newest, little Katmoget LRO May, out of Minwawe November (a fawn katmoget) and Equator. She could've been spotted and Kat, but I think just Kat-- what do you think? All those color changes on one fleece!

Finally, what to do with all these new lambs? Sit and pet them, of course!


Ebonwald Cardigans said...

Hi Gail! Congrats on your first Katmoget!! WOHOO!!

I have several grey katmogets that have a lot of that brown 'phaeo'. That is short for some kind of phaeoalomin or something like that. it goes away after a bit.

Is she a fawn kat or grey kat? I can't see the photo while i'm commenting!

Ebonwald Cardigans said...

ok yes a grey katmoget.

IF she were spotted she'd have WHITE spots on the body or face or legs...the body spots will fade as they mature. My boy Jazz had an 'appy' butt...lots of white spots on his rear...they have faded off....kind of like the same affect Ag has, but not so crazy like Ag. Clear as mud?

Michelle said...

Beautiful lambs! Your katmoget looks like she has a lion's mane in that photo -- cute!

Nancy K. said...

Beautiful babies, Gail. That Katmoget is stunning! I'm glad to hear that Bluebell's babies are doing better. Were they the only ones that got sick?

I think we'll ALL feel better when it warms up a little bit! (not TOO hot though!!) ;-)

Gail V said...

Hi you guys.
Garrett, the kat, May, although black looking on her face/neck, underparts MUST be fawn, since mom and dad are both brown-based. So many shades of color, though. There were lakes all around the farmstead today, so I didn't lounge on the grass near the lambs and take closer looks or photos. Maybe tomorrow. And your comments about spottedness are well taken. Her color changes are gradual. Michelle, May DOES look like she has a whitish lion's mane!
Nancy, Bluebell's twins were the only sick lambs-- but I got nervous that May would have white muscle, too, so I gave her .25 cc BoSe at about 24 hours. My vet told me to give it to all, though I wasn't going to-- but something about May's knobby baby knees made me nervous, so I did it.

Sabrina Wille Erickson said...

Your lambs are beautiful, Gail. Congratulations.

Becky Utecht said...

Yup, all cute lambs and a beautiful katmoget ewe lamb Gail!