Monday, December 3, 2007

December snow

Boy, I'm not much of a blogger when the lambs are not growing anymore-- well, they are growing, but slowly now, and most of them went to live somewhere else. And I wonder. . . how they are doing. . . and how their new people are talking to them, enjoying them. . . as we are now in breeding season and there is a lot of activity out in the yard.
I have 5 different sheep "pens" set up-- meaning fields, usually, as small as 20x80', and as big as an acre and a half. Whatever I could do to provide shelter, separation from each other, and electricity for a heated water pail. Four breeding groups, meaning 4 rams got about 4 ewes apiece, and one pen of 3 little rams.
One is actually a wether-- does anyone need a fiber pet? He is coal black with a white star on his head, nice soft wool and very sweet. He's friendly, like a golden retriever, really! I don't know if I can justify keeping him forever, but he's made the cut so far.
Three of the breeding groups are getting along swimmingly, and one has in it Firth of Fifth Bourbon, who is BASHING woven wire fences and steel walls whenever the notion takes him! He is lucky he has this beautiful caramel colored fleece, or it would be off to Taylor Meats with him!
There are two weeks to go in breeding pens, and then I'll split them up. I won't use a cleanup ram this year, and if some ewes are open, c'est la vie! It hasn't happened to me yet.
Our household is the normal flurry of holiday preparations,and that reminds me, I should do some right now!


Ebonwald Cardigans said...

You tell Bourbon to shape up or ship out!

He never bashed anything at my place until he was put alone in a pen with solid walls. he was always very gentlemanly with the ladies and completely docile and polite in his breeding group.

I wonder what his deal is?!!

Hope you are doing well!

Gail V said...

Hi Garrett,
He was a fine gentleman all summer out in a bachelor pasture with other rams and am indestructible plastic hut.
Here, he's been placed with two young rams he's never seen on each side of him in different paddocks. ALL of them have ewes, but I think just the thought that the other rams might want his ladies, and BAM! He just has to show 'em what he's got, to keep 'em away!
That bad boy. The two younger rams are going, 'what's up?'

Thanks for your post, I knew you'd recognize the fella I spoke of!

bopeep said...

Hi, Gail,
I'm really with you on the blogging thing. During breeding I'd rather not have anything to write about. I'd agree, must be the sight of the other rams with their girls that set him off. Nice to see your sheep against the snow....especially since it's not MY sheep. Stay warm.

Becky Utecht said...

Yes, I agree too that being able to see the other rams -- and the other ewes -- makes the boys act like that. It's a good thing breeding season is almost over and he'll be back with the other boys again. I can't wait to see your lambs next spring Gail!