Thursday, November 8, 2007

November pictures

Well hey, those sheep were so calm today when I went out to do chores, they just stood there for pictures! Jane Eager wanted to see a picture of her Highland Hollows Bluebell, so here she is, the grand dame. She is a BIG girl, with masses of crimpy, soft, white fleece I've always thought I should try to get more of in my flock. Her first daughter's is straight as a stick (though just as thick as Bluebells's).

The next year's offspring were twin boys-- both with nice, thick, crimpy gray fleece. One had a too long tail and is history; the other wins a little harem for this fall's breeding program.
Interesting, here are the two Little Red Oak rams being used this year: Bluebell's son, Mullein, and my Amy's son Alex. Mullein is all about fleece, Alex is all about horns and spots. Can you see the big difference in these guys' fleece?
I'm sure they will each have wonderful babies, just very different.(Remember, you can click on photos to see them up close).
Have a great Thursday.


Juliann said...

Hi Gail,

I really like Alex. They are both nice rams. Nothing wrong with "different", it really keeps lambing as exciting as it should be.

Becky Utecht said...

I like Alex too. Nice horns on that boy and spots too.

Gail V said...

Thank you for your comments, you two pros!
That little Alex looks nice and square, and I love those horns and spots. The fleece is pretty straight, though, and Alex is musket, so I gotta limit that Ag gene.
Juliann, Mullein, on the left, was the one I thought might be scurred. His right horn tip got broken, too, when young, so it's curling back away from his face-- may end up fatal. I just thought I'd see what he'll throw-- I want that fleece gene everywhere in my flock. He's a light gray (same issue, Ag, as the other rammy.)

shepherdchik said...

O really like the horns on your little spotted boy.

Ebonwald Cardigans said...

Alex sure looks moorit to me? My musket is whiter than white when I part the fleece.

His horns are going to be amazing when he is mature. The Ag look comical as he is such a big boy, but with the smaller horns. Lots of fleece there!