Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Meet Little Red Oak Alexander & Abigail

My daughter helps me with these names, and we use associations to help us keep the offspring straight. The memory process goes something like this: "Hmmm, Justalitl Sarah had Little Red Oak Amy with Bluff Country Bravo last year. This year, Amy had (Little Red Oak) Abby and Alex with Minwawe Silver." They are both a lighter moorit and I think it means they'll be the pretty fawn that Grandma Sarah is, and Amy is coming into.

Also, Spot-a-holics, One of these two is for sale! I don't care which one, for $250. Alex is working on becoming musket, we're fairly sure. Abby is solidly (spottedly) moorit. Both look good in all regards. Alex has a white tail (with that curly wispy white fluff the lambs have) and white under his tail-- Abby has a brown, tiny tail.

I'll welcome inquiries at my email or question here, if you like.

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