Thursday, October 1, 2009

Boston Lake Newcomer WITH PHOTO!

Did I tell you I traded sheepies with Sabrina on Sunday? In the rain, in a Dollar Store Parking lot in Long Prairie, MN--?
And that we were very lucky that a helpful citizen decided to watch us and our antics, pickup-to-pickup-tailgate, managing animals in crates-- until he burst out of his idling car and offered his help (and then, his wife's!)
Aw shucks, I'd have liked to have turned him down-- NOT!
We do-si-do'd the 2 ewe lambs and 2 rams, thanked the couple profusely, talked sheep over the tailgate awhile, and then drove off to Northern and Southern MN.

Little Boston Lake Niav came home to the lambing barnyard, where we placed a few nice local girls as roommates. She is a very pretty gray katmoget, and dear--a follow-you-around lamb.

Notice also the mioget color of roommate LRO Belle. The third ewe roommate (hidden)  has a little of the modified gene, but Belle is really golden!

White Pine Parker, the ram Sabrina traded me, was also given a few roommates here at home, young rams with young horns. Parker is a yearling, but has tiny scurs-- I didn't want him duking it out with any bigger-horned rams (though there's only one left!). So much scuffling ensued, regardless, that I didn't get a single good photo of him, so later with that.
I'm delighted to have some new bloodlines in this flock, and delighted to share some of our polled genetics from this flock with Sabrina.
Breeding for specific outcomes keeps the whole shepherding-thing interesting.
(Hooray-- I finally figured out how to get the add photos option back on my blog.  It's changed, a little, and I could only find the photo button if I used the Compose tab. )


Sabrina Wille Erickson said...

Hey Gail,

I'm glad they are settling in. Good luck with the breeding season.

ps. When I add photos I just hit the little photo button on the tool bar at the top of the New Post page, then I browse from my computer. Don't know how else to do it with picasa. Good luck getting it going again! :) I can't wait to see photos.

Gail V said...

Hi Sabrina, they are both doing just fine and I am not worried about their health, so I'll turn the ewes out soon.
The boys have to have their roommates (horned or not) chosen carefully, so, that will take a week or two.
Photos: the phot button is missing. Nancy Krohn's blog reported she had this problem; a person answered her question and it must have worked. It didn't for me. Still trying.

Tammy said...

Hi Gail,
I just hit the 'agreement' button to the right of the button I normally hit to upload photos. I didn't go into Picasa or anything...just checked the box that I 'agreed to their terms'. Hope this helps. If not, it might just be a temporary glitch in the system. Good luck!

Juliann said...

You two poll breeders are fortunate to live close enough to trade stock and support each other. How cool is that? :)

Gail V said...

Yay! I found a way to fix the photo problem! Yay!

Candy T said...

Nice photo. Little Belle is almost a pretty as Maple.

Sabrina Wille Erickson said...

Niav looks right at home. And what a pretty golden lamb. I like her poll wool. :)