Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Fall busy-ness

Every season has its busy-ness, except winter.  Settling sheep in new homes takes first priority now, as the number of sheep remaining for winter tells me how many bales of hay I'll need -- about 20 per sheep.
So far, I'm a hundred bales short--maybe--two more sheep may go to a pet home soon.  Oh why didn't  DH get the phone number of the nice lady who said she'd be back for those 2 ewes after their barn was finished . . .  I'd better have an extra 40 bales.
See how that goes?  40 bales takes up a lot of barn space, some cash-- we don't make our own hay anymore, and have to buy some. 

Simultaneously, I'm canning, freezing and giving away all the garden produce;  apples now, too.  I'm drying a lot of apples in the little dehydrator.  Better snacks than pretzels, I think!
We've also been cutting and cleaning up limbs from a big tree.  Two weeks ago a young man came out to cut curly willow for his wedding decorations. We have these curly willow trees, I advertised it on Craigslist. . . he happened to be a tree trimmer by trade.

I have had a  Huge, dying ash tree--

We both got a very good deal, there.  Love those country trades.

Today I had a visit from some fiber-friends met through this blog.  They drove 2-1/2 hours in the rain to show and tell wool crafts-- Candy and Connie were here most of the day.  And a cousin and her husband whom I've never met stopped by on their long trip from CA to CT.

We petted sheep in the cold, slow rain.  Well, I bet they won't forget that experience.


Candy T said...

Not only will I not forget the experience, but I will treasure the memory. Thanks for the wonderful day. And I was right. Maple and Belle ARE the most beautiful ewes.

Connie Peterson said...

Not only are your sheep beautiful but your home is, as well. As we drove into your driveway, I said to Candy --- OH! How beautiful! The set-up is nice. And your house is beautiful, as well.

But the best part (not counting the sheep experience in the rain) was your hospitality! I think we three just might be soul-mates -- you think??

Thanks, again, Gail!