Thursday, October 22, 2009

Someone Else's chickens, free to a good home! Cheap Sheep, EDITS incl.

Buff Orpington Roosters, two.  Beautiful, shiny feathered big boys, hatched last spring under the neighbor's granary.  Seems their rooster dad does not know or care that they are kin and won't let them into the henhouse at night.  Free to a good home, says my neighbor-- but I, personally,  don't want to offend my resident rooster.  I told them I would post here looking for a home.
We are near Norwood Young America, look that up.  And Google Buff Orpington for a chicken picture, I didn't take one.  (Though my golden hen, the mama of Baby Duck girl, in past posts, is a Buff Orp). 

On another note, I called a different neighbor, the one who bought a little flock from me last year, to tell him I had homes for his little flock if he didn't want them anymore.  I knew he'd lost his full time job and thought he probably didn't have much time for them, working two part-time jobs to make up for the job loss.
He said yes, and I am thrilled to have my sheepies back again. Though not the ram, who has big nice horns-- LRO Anders is out of  LRO Amy and FirthofFifth don Telmo Bourbon.  He threw spots all over his harem last year, though he is moorit.  You know my position on  horns, and I have my breeding groups made up already 
EDIT HERE:  Anders went to Taylor Meats this morning.  I learned on Saturday that he was a basher, and I didn't think there was a lot of hope for him since he was so inclined.

 EDIT here:  I DO have a good home for at least one of the sweet, moorit girls.
There is another 2009 moorit girl, pretty, crimpier than her mom, wavy long fleece-- Anders and LittleRedOak Mallow's.  Her twin was spotted.

This spotty is LRO Abby, b. 2007.  I'm afraid her interim shepherd left a case of mastitis untreated, so I worry about her udder.  I'll check it when I can-- she has only thrown singles in two seasons, now, so at least that bodes well, if she's bred again.


Candy T said...

I'd love to, you know that. But Hubby says NO. Oh well, Connie is on a trip, but I'll have her check this out.

Juliann said...

Gail, did you ever get your micron test results back?

Gail V said...

Hi Juliann,
I got some back on a group of lambs and a few ewes last August.
Most lambs are sold now-- all lambs but one were mid 20s, Bluebell was 30, as was one lamb--
was there someone you wanted to know about?

thanks. I officially have too many sheep!