Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Ducky and Mama break free; Clean sheep & Barn

After the rain, but before the snow-- we let the chickens and ducks free range again. All summer they must stay in a biiiiiiggg electronet-fenced circle around their chicken house, so the fox doesn't get them (again) and then they also leave my garden alone.
Well, the garden is history.  Mama Hen and her adopted daughter, duck hen, went out scratching the garden frostbit leftovers with all the other fowl.  Ms. Duck still follows her mom, but is on friendly terms with the strange ducks she's getting to know.  She's behind Mama Hen, here:

Poppy the bottle dog sheep lamb wondered about these funny creatures, chickens:

My neighbor, Jeremy, did a few hours' labor for us in exchange for many big round bales of grass hay we've let him take for years, now.  He's a mighty bobcat operator, and the old sheep leanto hadn't been cleaned out for these 4-5 years.  He made quite a  compost mountain for us. 
Farm-wife wanna-bes, I do think he's still single. ;-)  (He'd kill me for this, I think.)

Okay, I think I reached my photo limit, again.  Coming up next, you guessed it, more sheep pictures!


Candy T said...

Poppy sure looks sparkly. I guess the rain did clean up the sheep. Did your snow melt already?

Gail V said...

Yes, the sheep got clean and fluffy, and the snow has melted.
What's next?

Tammy said...

Ha..I'm sure he would kill you. I just need the BOBCAT here! :-) My barn is a mess, and compacted down like no tomorrow. I'm working on it, but it's hard to break it up to get it out.