Friday, October 30, 2009

NOT Sheep-related. . . well, a little

Today my stepdaughter became a lawyer.  As her attorney-family member-sponsor, I made probably the only appearance and motion to the Minnesota Supreme Court that I ever will.  Here we are before the microphone, in front of the stage at Roy Wilkens Auditorium, St. Paul, where the Justices are seated.  I am the small, gray haired lady with long skirt and sensible shoes, saying, "May it please the court, my name is Gail ______ and I am a member of the Minnesota Bar.  I wish to present Shana_____, my stepdaughter.  I move that she be admitted to practice law in the state of Minnesota."

Or some such words as that.  To which Chief Justice Magnuson smiled down and said, "Counsel, your motion is granted."  It was a big day for Shana and admittedly, for me! 
I remember it was Justice Alan Page who said those words for me, in his deeply resonant voice, 9 years ago.   Slightly less than 800 new lawyers were sworn in today in Minnesota.
After a celebratory lunch with our little family, her grandparents and another lawyer-sister-in-law, we all went  back to our regular lives.

I came home, peeled off the suit jacket, skirt and nylons, put on farmer jeans, and said, "ahhhh".

Okay, I guess I will close on a sheepie note:  I believe that the unnamed ewe lamb in my last post, and a few more  ewes have found a new home;  we'll meet the prospective new shepherds tomorrow.  And-- Emily liked Mindy for the little ewe's name.  All's well that ends well.


Becky Utecht said...

Loved the photo Gail, it's fun to see sheepy friends in their "other" life roles. I agree it feels so good to get out of the skirt and nylons and back into the jeans. :-)

Claire said...

Great news Gail! I shall, I hope, be in Shana's shoes in about 2 years. I have been doing my law degree part time, while working full time and of course keeping the farm. It is a wild ride. I shall be very glad when it is all over. I keep wondering if I made the right choice - school in one's 40's is not always ideal. Perhaps a moment like the one you describe will make it worthwhile.

Glad that your sheep found homes, I was plotting a reason to drive up to Minnesota....

Michelle said...

Gail, I had no idea you are a lawyer; what a special, "official" thing to do! I imagine we all project a certain "persona" on these blogs of ours; many or our readers probably wouldn't recognize us off the farm!

Angela said...

This is so exciting. Your story made my eyes tear. Congratulations to all.

Sheepless in St. Paul.


Gail V said...

Angie! You read the blog! Nice to hear from you. I mention you frequently on these pages, as my spinner-friend. And thank you, Sheepless in St. Paul. I'm taking good care of your girls.
Claire, Becky, Michelle, thanks for your well wishes, too. I rarely go to that lawyer part of my life, preferring the mom and shepherd job, but it's always there in my core.