Friday, September 25, 2009

Last of the lambs leaving. . .

...At least I think so! Tara, from Wisconsin, is sending her husband and son to pick up these 3 girls tomorrow to begin her new flock. She's taking one of the little rams I showed you on the last post, too-- and has another at home for genetic diversity. I think it's great that I had a white, a black and a brown ewe left for her. The katmoget ewe lamb, January, is going "up north" to Sabrina Wille on Sunday. She and I are both breeding for polled stock, and we're trading ewe lambs and a ram lamb, each, to increase the blood lines in our future polled flocks!

Dang, that sets my voluntary scrapie program status back, as Sabrina's not enrolled in it, and I'll start with a new date on Sunday. I decided it didn't matter that much to me; I think people appreciate knowing your flock is monitored for health, but most shepherds aren't in that program anyway. I'll be happy to meet her little Niav and White Pines Parker, a scurred yearling ram of hers. The fleece photos I've seen on both look great! Sabrina's blog (among the favorites I list here) is Boston Lake Farm, in case you are interested in looking at her pictures. Niav and Parker are in there. (I sound a little excited, don't I?)

Here's a blogger quandary: so, having now figured out how to show my fave blogs at the right, with info as to when those folks update a post, why isn't it working?
I've been seeing the same posts listed by name and time for several days. In reality, I go to their blogs and see that they've written several new posts! It doesn't show on my blog-roll that they've changed.

Stuck in time. (no one wants to be. . . )
I must be tired. Good night!


Gail V said...

oh ho! when I posted anew, the "Blogs I Watch" list updated, too.
Is this an endless cycle? I must post, like, daily, in order to watch for others' updates?

Claire said...

Hi Gail! My work computer does that too, but not my home computer. I don't know why, but I thought I'd just tell you so you know you're not the only one in time warp mode!! I'm so sorry we didn't meet up at Wisconsin Sheep Fest - I think next year I have to blog a couple of weeks in advance to say "We're going!" and see who else is going so I can meet up with more of the blogosphere! Besides, I'd really like a Finn sheep for my I'd have to give you a heads up about that ahead of time! Love the picture of your grown up duck with her "mom" - what a cute pair!

Sabrina Wille Erickson said...

I'm really excited too, Gail! :) See ya Sunday.

Juliann said...

You two are lucky to live close enough to exchange polled genetics with each other. I'm going to be stuck keeping a million rams to keep my flock from becoming inbred, lol. (It's okay, really. I love my rams.)
Gail, sometimes my blog roll gets stuc, and I have to go onto the template page (or whatever it is) and re-save it.

Gail V said...

Hi Claire,
so glad to know the stuck blog list happens on other computers. Oh well.
Juli, I'll remember the setup page workaround. . .
and yes, isn't it nice that Sabrina and I could swap?
I needed new blood, but didn't want more sheep, so. . . the numbers remain the same, mission accomplished.