Saturday, July 30, 2011

West Coast and Back Again

Whew, we left for 10 days, during Minnesots'a second heat wave of 2011. It was 100 here, and around 68 where we were, on the coast of California and Oregon.
We had a fabulous time with friends who are funny and oh so accommodating. They live near San Francisco-- a couple our age with two teens around Emily's age.
They were gracious enough to invite us on a jaunt up to Oregon. We hiked lots, kayaked in a sea slough, played Scrabble on the beach, and laughed a lot.
Emily once stated she really wanted to see Redwood trees.
Here we are, hugging one:
But the most fun site we saw was this one, at Umpqua Hot Springs in Oregon:

And the reason was this: Here are (husband) Howard and friend, Steve, in one of the hot springs, and oops, who is that sprite flitting offscreen on the right?

(Remember, you can double click on the photos to biggify.)
The kids were so embarrassed they headed right downhill to the river below!


Michelle said...

Cute sprite! (-;

Gail V said...

There were about FIVE of those young European lads! I felt like their mother. ;-)

Kelly Bartels said...

Nice bun shot Gail. lol Glad you enjoyed your trip away from the heat that we have been having here lately. Another scorcher today.

Nancy K. said...

What a wonderful get-away!
I can't believe you reminded up about the double really works!