Friday, August 5, 2011

Selling sheep before winter

Emily and I made up breeding pens and lists of must-keep and oughta-sell sheep this week.
We very sadly decided to sell Highland Hollows Bluebell, our older, first favorite ewe. It was a few years ago, when Kim of Kimberwood Shetlands noted: "If you want to breed for polled rams, getting rid of your ewes with horned genetics [will be necessary]".
I remember gasping. We love some of our older ewes.
Nevertheless, I have been selling 2 or so each year to other breeders. None have had to go to, well, you know.
Bluebell and Minwawe November may be the last of the older girls (born 2005) who are left. There are a few who may have horned genetics, but I think all remaining ewes have a polled gene.
We also decided that since LittleRedOak Ash (out of Maple, Bluebell's daughter) is coming back to Little Red Oak, we need fewer polled rams.
We will therefore sell LRO Forrest, Bluebell's 2010 son. He is musket, pretty full of himself but also, friendly.

This is a lamb photo of Forrest, taken last summer.
And his fleece:
Newer pictures of him appear in last April or May's post-- of all the rams? But he was a thinner lad then. He has muscled up now.
More pictures, soon.
I can hardly bear to say goodbye to Bluebell...


Nancy K. said...

Oh NO!
Not beautiful Bluebell!

I bet some tears will be shed when she leaves. I know how it feels...

Kelly Bartels said...

I am having the same separation anxiety over one of my first ewes this year. But, as luck would have it, a great new breeder has decided to buy her from me as a bred ewe, and this year she had triplets for me!!
Sending kind thoughts your way.

Candy T said...

I'm sorry to hear you are selling Bluebell. It's hard losing old friends. I have finally gotten back on track and caught up on your blog. Love the B&W photo of Maple and her babies. But then I love anything about Maple.