Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Gotta picture (or two)

I told you we were worried about Annie and late-arriving twins:
Here they are, going outside for the first time! We put bug spray on their little t-shirts to help them out.

This little gulmoget-katmoget ewe is for sale. She will always throw either gulmoget or katmoget pattern. Maybe you want that! I do not. She will throw brown or black patterned babies. Her mom is Minwawe November, a brown katmoget, and her dad is Kimberwood Harrison, a black gulmoget. November is for sale, also, even though she is an old friend of mine. The two could go together! (Repeat: Must keep sheep numbers manageable!)

Bluebell! My old best sheep friend. Can't sell her, yet. Maybe, soon. She has a beautiful little white lamb who looks JUST like her, and a grey girl.


Becky Utecht said...

Nice photos Gail. One question though, why are they wearing the little T-shirts?

Gail V said...

Honestly! We spread bug spray on them the night they were born, the babes were so tiny and the mosquitos so fierce! It was not hot that night, either.

Garrett808 said...

Gail I'd be interested in the gul/kat ewe lamb. email me at ebonwald@gmail.com !