Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Sheepy goodbyes

We've sold a lot of sheep in the past week-- Ten! A year ago I sold off the sheep who never liked us, so selling any of our remaining sheep brings twinges of regret-- even when it's for all the right reasons. Like, that we can't support 50 sheep here! Or, that we don't want horns in our flock anymore-- or too many offspring from a certain ewe.
So sadly, we sold 5 old friends and 5 spring lambs.
Here's old Bramble Elsie, the big white ewe who ran to you, smiling, if you sat or kneeled down. Elsie and her friends, Bramble Bess, Minwawe Chicklet and my own Little Red Oak Mullein went to Rochester, MN to live with a kindly older shepherd. Elsie's little ewe lamb, Elise, is staying here. Her other lamb, Lizzie, is living 5 miles south of here, with a wonderful young family new to this area.
My friend, LRO April, the first friendly lamb born here, went, along with Minwawe PandaBear's ewe lamb, to live with Stephanie and her charming daughter Colleen in Hammond, WI.
I hope they are all happy in their new homes, although all the people who bought sheep clearly loved them as much as we do.
On a funnier note, I have wanted to post this June photo of the ewes n lambs in the morning-- Maple is peering out of the barn, Catnip, her brown lamb and another are nearby. What I love is (click on the picture to biggify it)Catnip's brown and pink polka dotted udder! So funny!


Kara said...

Oh my Marshmello's twin Chicklet...did she have a lamb this year? I will miss seeing her on your blog. Congrats on finding them all good homes.

Gail V said...

Kara, yes, Chicklet had twins, as always, one brown boy and a black girl, with lotsa white head splashes. Since I had a ewe lamb by her, and I liked the sire's wool and possible polledness, I sold Chicklet. A consolation is how very doting her new owner will be--

Candy T said...

I'm sorry you have to sell your friends. Maybe next spring will bring you new ones. Is it selfish of me to be glad you still have Maple?

Gail V said...

I'm happy to hear you are still Maple's fan-- I've been wondering how her fleece turned out for you.