Friday, August 7, 2009

Carver County Fair

Little Red Oak Poppy (left)and LRO Easter Lily went to the fair this week! Emily (right) asked her friend, Samantha, to help her show one of the lambs, and having her friend there doubled the fun.
The lambs took home minor ribbons in the "any other purebred" class; the fleeces won big time.
More pictures and stories to follow.


Candy Duell said...

The girls looked like they were enjoying themselves. But when your at a fair, you always enjoy yourself. Congrats on all the ribbons.They are very cute little lambs.

Becky Utecht said...

Cute photo of the lambs and girls. Fair time is so much fun! Congratulations on the fleece ribbons. I wish our county fair would have fleece entries for open class. I judged the 4-H sheep interviews this year. Those kids are an inspiration! I hope to get more involved and hopefully get some wool classes here too.

Gail V said...

Good for you for judging for 4H. The fleece show in Carver Co had only one entrant for the first few years I've been here, a sheep guy (Cheviots & Tunis) who is very involved in the fair administration. I entered against him last year, won; this year, another sheep family also entered. Emily and a boy from that family were the only 4H fleece entrants. It's just great to advocate and get things rolling with your presence!