Sunday, July 1, 2007

Favorite lambs

Okay, on the Yahoo MSSBO list, Sabrina so nicely asked people to submit photos of fave lambs, and since Yahoo! says they will dump all our photos soon enough, I'm publishing here!

First, a little more grown up pic of that little gray-IS -HE- BERSUGGET- OR- FLECKET???? lamb. (I thought I had put my finger on a color pattern definition and it MOVED!) Isn't he sweet looking? And a shy-not terrified boy, nice to have around. Note that his coal black brother and musket mother, behind, appear hazy. . . due to peanut butter & jelly on the camera lens. Great technique, I know. Same story on the lens of this next picture of Jellybean, a favorite little ewe lamb. Chicklet, her mom, grazes behind. Chicklet's Ag gray flecket, Jellybean is musket flecket.

I can't seem to get my 3rd picture of 2 favorite girls in here. I'll do a second entry so you can see Mallow-- though she appears as one more little brown ewe. Darling. You wait.


bopeep said...

I agree Gail,
She looks flecket...and he looks bersugget....

Gail V said...

Oh Hooray! That's what I thought!
Are you proud of your "grandchildren" when you see them out there in other flocks, Mary Ellen?
I love that Chicklet and her ewe lambs. She thinks I'm, er, kind of okay.