Sunday, July 29, 2007

Little lambs going home

Some little lambs went to new homes today, and I hear their moms crying in the night. A photo tribute to some:

Juicyfruit, who went home with Nancy Krohn. But Nancy wants to give her a special name, so. .. that means I can use Juicyfruit next year? When Chicklet lambs again?

Anyway, best wishes in your lush, green pasture in the Bluff Country, little girl!
Then, since I was corralling sheep, we gave all the ewe lambs their booster shots for the year, and penned 3 more to deliver to Garrett Ramsay. With him went Little Red Oak Wren, and Jasmine and Rue, two little black ewe lambs. Garrett also took home a fine little moorit ram, Hansel. These little ones will be happy to have each other when they arrive, I know, and will soon be exploring their new flocks!

And now, the pressure is less on my dry pastures, and greater on Garrett's and Nancy's-- but we'll miss these sweet lambs.
It was so nice to see other shepherds today and talk sheep talk! What a fine bunch of folks.


bopeep said...

Interesting and thoughtful blogs Gail, Thanks....nice to see your photos too.

Corinne R. said...

Don't worry about Nancy's pasture...the sheep will be eating so many cookies they won't want grass!