Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Juicyfruit loves her mommy

Little Red Oak Juicyfruit and mom, Minwawe Chicklet, try to keep cool in the shade by the lean-to. It's a sheep pile of spots back there.

Juicyfruit is for sale (Gail's edit-- SOLD)-- she's out of Minwawe Equator, and like him, has a slightly longish tail. She is otherwise an outstanding sheep, and half sister to the little ewe who won Best Fleece on Hoof (right, MaryEllen?) at Jefferson last year.

We're preparing for heat in the 90s this week but all is well.


Nancy K. said...

Juicyfruit is GORGEOUS!!!!!
I love the name too.


bopeep said...

OK, I like her too, what a cute lamb! How is her fleece? I love Chicklet's fleece....her mom microned at 24....

Gail V said...

Oh, flattery from two Shetland queens-- I think I'm faint. ;-)

I love Chicklet's fleece, too-- and I can only assume Juicyfruit has the same, but I haven't touched her since her baby days, except July 5th to vaccinate her. Chicklet told her babies we people were scary, and so far Juicyfruit believes it (though she's coming around more lately).