Saturday, March 13, 2010

Aaagghhh! A skunk lives in my chicken barn!

Or visits it daily.  He likes the cat's food, for which he must somehow get from floor to table about 2 feet off the floor.  Then he washes his food (Like a raccoon?) and leaves debris in the cat's water bowl.  We haven't been getting many duck eggs this week, either-- they lay their eggs in nest boxes on the floor, you know. . .
There's a live trap in front of the chicken barn-- we are hoping he'll wander in.  So far tonight only one or our cats got caught in it, and when I put her up to her cat entrance she did a quick reverse to come back outside. . . and that's when I Knew.  I went inside and saw Mr. Skunk up on the table, washing down a little cat food dinner with the cat's water.
I don't know yet how we'll get rid of this freeloader, but we will, and we will have one more great little farm tale to tell forever.


Kelly said...

Good Luck Gail, we are doing a battle with a/some racoon/s that seem to think that my chickens are a midnight snack. We have thus far trapped 2 feral cats, but the racoon continues to elude our clever trapping techniques. (which consists of cat food in a live trap)I guess we aren't as clever as we'd like to think, he probably sits outside and laughs at our pathetic attempts to capture him/her.

Nancy K. said...


I hope you're able to catch it before it has babies and eats all your eggs and chickens!